Sending resilient LGBTQ+ students to colleges, universities, career, and technical education schools. 

Unbroken Horizons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and may accept tax deductible donations. 


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Jacksonville, Florida 32226

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After appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and receiving $25,000, Seth Owen put together a team of educators and students, who have volunteered countless hours with marginalized communities, to start Unbroken Horizons Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 


In his sophomore year of high school, Seth’s sexual orientation was discovered by his parents who were devout participants in their Southern Baptist church. After surviving months of conversion therapy, Seth was able to transform his discomfort at home into drive to do well in school. So, Seth began working three jobs and participating in countless extra-curricular activities. However, in Seth’s senior year of high school, Seth’s parents gave him an ultimatum: he would either have to conform to their religious beliefs and attend their church or move out. Due to the stances and beliefs of his parents’ church, he felt that it was safer for him to move out.


Entering this new and difficult chapter of his life, Seth began to couch surf with friends and mentors. Seth was accepted into Georgetown University; however, his lack of ability to pay for school left him with little options. Jane Martin, a former teacher of his, decided to start a GoFundMe on Seth’s behalf. His story resonated with the Jacksonville community and quickly went viral. Because of the hard work and effort from Seth’s teachers, mentors, friends, and supporters, the GoFundMe closed off at over $141,000 to fund Seth’s education.


Since Seth’s truth has been publicized, Seth has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, in the 2018 OUT100 Magazine, and in former Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. Seth has been so encouraged by the monumental support that he received. His goal now is to pay it forward. So, Seth started Unbroken Horizons to provide scholarships to other students in marginalized communities who have overcome adversity on their journey of furthering their education.

We believe all resilient LGBTQ+ students should have the resources to further their education and change the world.

Our Mission

The Unbroken Horizon Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to providing LGBTQ+ youth of all backgrounds with the opportunity to further their respective educational journeys, so that they may then tell their unique stories and effect change in the world around them.


Our Vision

The Unbroken Horizons Scholarship Foundation will seek to ensure that all students in marginalized communities, that have demonstrated resiliency and academic success, have the opportunity to further their respective education.

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