Unbroken Horizons Committees are tasked with assisting the Leadership Team and Staff to further the Unbroken Horizons Mission.

It is a way for the community to get involved. Learn more below. 

Scholar Selection

Dr. Kathy Maguire-Zeiss, Chair

Kyle Fortenberry, Vice Chair

Seth Owen

Zenja Stallworth 

Jaye Thomas

Emma Chuck

Kay Sims

Sharon Carpenter

Lynette Jean

Elena Silva

Travis Tucker, Jr. 

Dr. Marilyn McMorrow, RSCJ, PhD

Finance & Investment

Abel Harding, Chair

Quinetha Frasier, Vice Chair - Investment

Zenja Stallworth, Vice Chair - Budget

Jim Carpenter 

James McCarey

Connor Brenan

Event Planning

Nicole White, Chair

Dao Ngyuen, Vice Chair - Art Shows

John Lindholm, Secretary

Heather Benfield

Sula Malina

Gregory Jones

Development & Planning

Kyle Fortenberry, Chair

Abel Harding, Vice Chair, Major Gifts

Jared Harrison, Vice Chair, Crowdfunding

Quinetha Frasier, Vice Chair, Corporate Gifts

Nicole White, Secretary 

Jessica Gottlieb

Blair Oglesby

David Yu

Jacob Dunsford

Suzy Austin 

Gregory Jones


Kyle Fortenberry, Chair

Seth Owen, Vice Chair

Sula Malina

Brandon Wolf

Emily Rokosch

Nicole White

Jonathan Leggette

Jacob Kanter

Jaye Thomas

Emma Chuck

Dao Ngyuen

Jonathan Uriarte

Gregory Jones


Seth Owen, Chair

Kyle Fortenberry, Vice Chair

Blair Oglesby

Jessica Gottlieb

Kaylee Petik


Zenja Stallworth, Chair

Jonathan Leggette, Vice Chair

Kyle Fortenberry

Nicole Conger