• Nicole White

Five Students Awarded Scholarships

At its inaugural gala, the Unbroken Horizons team awarded five LGBTQ+ students each with a $2,500 scholarship to pursue their post-secondary educational goals. Four of the five recipients were in attendance, celebrated, and given the platform to bravely share their stories to an audience of 150 supportive and loving folk.

Dedicated to meeting students where they are in their educational journey, the Unbroken Horizons Scholarship Foundation is all inclusive, honoring traditional college/university, as well as trade and technical schooling, and cosmetology.

Check out our brand new donor platform at Kindful, and consider becoming a monthly supporter of Unbroken Horizons. Contribute directly to LGBTQ+ youth as they strive to further their education and change the world!

Unbroken Horizons President, Seth Owen, with the first cohort of scholarship recipients.

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